Who is Khuda Baksh?

HMJ Sir Khan Bahadur Khuda Bakhsh OIE (2 August 1842 – 3 August 1908) was an Indian advocate, judge, philosopher, explorer and historian from Patna, Bihar. He was the founder of Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library and Chief Justice of Nizam’s Supreme Court of Hyderabad from 1892 to 1895.

Is Khuda Baksh Afsana brother?

Afsana Khan’s Family, Cousins, and Friends Khuda Baksh, her brother, is also a singer and is best known for his appearance on Indian Idol 9. The singers Razia Sultan (sister), Raman Khan (Sister), Raftaar Kaur (sister), and Neetu Khan (sister) all share her bloodline (singer).

Is Khuda a Persian?

Khuda or Khoda (Persian: خدا) is the Persian word for “Lord” or “God”. Originally, it was used in reference to Ahura Mazda (the name of the God in Zoroastrianism). Iranian languages, Turkic languages, and many Indo-Aryan languages employ the word.

Is Khuda Allah?

Khuda is the Urdu word for God, borrowed from Persian. Yet today, some people claim that Khuda can refer to any God, while Allah is the specific name for God in the Qur’anic scripture.