Is Kid Rock’s father rich?

Rock, whose real last name is literally “Ritchie,” grew up the son of millionaire William “Bill” Ritchie, who owned several lucrative car dealerships, and Susan Ritchie, who instilled in Rock “a spirit of philanthropy.” They raised Rock, who once claimed to be “straight out the trailer,” on six well-groomed acres, …

Who is Kid Rock’s dad?

Kid Rock

Where did Kid Rock get his money?

Kid Rock is one of the best selling music artists in the United States, for the past two decades. Through his musical royalties, Kid Rock earns over $34 million dollar income annually. As per the recent tax filings, Kid Rock has paid millions of dollars in personal income tax. Kid Rock produced most of his music.

How much land does Kid Rock own in Nashville?

What is this? Kid Rock prefers a simple life, although there are a few things that make sense for a man of his success – his trailer is situated on his hugeeee 102-acre plot of land and he says one thing he will never give up is his private jet.