How much does a Kidpik box cost?

How much does an average kidpik cost? The average item costs $23 $16 with the 30% discount for keeping the entire box. Since $16 is an average, depending on the box, the average price could go up or down.

How much is kidpix a month?

There is no subscription fee, styling fee or shipping cost. The average Kidpik box costs $98, which is only $14 per item. There’s also a $20 styling fee, however, it’s credited towards any purchase you make and you will be refunded the styling fee if you return the entire box.

How much is kids Stitch Fix?

What Stitch Fix Kids costs. There’s a $20 styling fee for each box—or “Fix,” in Stitch Fix parlance—but the fee will be credited towards anything you decide to keep. If you don’t keep anything, you forfeit the $20. If you keep every item from your fix, you receive an additional 25% discount.

Is Kidbox a monthly subscription?

KIDBOX is a monthly boy & girl clothing subscription box that combines great style with great causes: If you keep the entire box, KIDBOX makes a donation to an organization that helps children!