Who is Kiko Estrada’s father?

Kiko Estrada

Is Kiko Estrada related to Gary Estrada?

Kiko’s real name is Jason Joseph Francis Carlos Diaz Ejercito. He is the son of actor-turned-politician Gary Estrada and former actress Cheska Diaz. The Ejercito-Estrada clan is quite huge and famous.

Who is KD Strada?

Kyle Daniel Magno Estrada (born May 3, 2002), better known as KD Estrada is a Filipino actor, singer, songwriter, and composer. He is mostly known for his stint as a celebrity housemate of Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10.

Does Erik Estrada speak Spanish?

As a Latino actor, learning to speak fluent Spanish as an adult, and ‘discovering’ his cultural heritage has been the biggest gift that Erik received by traveling to Mexico and filming the acclaimed telenovela that spanned over 18 months and became the longest running most successful telenovela in the history of …