Is Kiko Loureiro married?

Kiko Loureiro

Where is Kiko Loureiro from?

Kiko Loureiro

Is Kiko Loureiro still in Angra?

[Kiko is gone] for the time being. He’s in MEGADETH, we’re in ANGRA. We have different paths right now. Kiko will always be part of the family; he’s still involved in the business, somehow, but Marcelo is a full-time guitar player and we do not see the future without him, either way.

Why did Marty Friedman leave Megadeth?

In a brand new interview with Wondering Sound, former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman explained his decision to leave the band in 1999 in order to make the kind of music that he was passionate about: Japanese pop music, or J-Pop, which Friedman calls “embarrassingly happy.”