How much did Kim’s sink?

As with most things Kardashian West, it was not cheap. Host of US home show Bargain Mansions Tamara Day told People she estimates the sink, which has a sloped counter-top and a slit for a drain, cost at least $36,500 (US$25,750).

How does Kim Kardashian use her sink?

Here’s how it works: the surface slightly slopes down so that all the water runs into the tiny slit you see in the video. Kim says that their faucet has really high pressure, and there’s never any spillage because of the design. Kim also dropped some other bathroom deets in her Instagram story reveal.

Who designed Kim Kardashians sink?

And from the looks of it, baby #4 will easily fit in there, too. Now, back to the sink: Kim shared that it was crafted by Kanye, interior designer Axel Vervoordt, and architect Claudio Silvestrin. “Eight versions of this prototype sink were made. It does actually slightly slope down, that you can kind of see.