Does Kanye still have his Wyoming ranch?

Does Kanye still have his Wyoming ranch?

Kanye still owns another, even larger farm in Wyoming. Two years ago, Ye spent $14 million on his Bighorn Mountain Ranch near Greybull, Wyo. It also offers numerous modern and natural elements alike.

How much did Kanye pay for his Wyoming ranch?

He bought this second, and much-larger, ranch for $14.5 million. It’s located about 50 miles away in Greybull, Wyoming.

What is Kanye’s ranch called?

Wild Wild West Lake Ranch He proceeded to dub the nearly 4,000-acre spread “West Lake Ranch.”

Where is Kim Kardashian’s ranch?

Kim and Kanye bought the ranch for $14 million in September last year and liked it so much they bought a second one – also for $14 million – according to People. The Monster Lake Ranch encompasses more than 1,400 acres in Cody, Wyoming, about 75 miles from Yellowstone National Park.