Why did Kim Fight Paris?

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have a years-long rivalry that began when Kim began to overtake her former best friend in the fame game, and peaked this year when Paris liked a meme claiming Kim had Hilton to thank for her celebrity status. It’s all very high school.

Why did Paris and Kim Kardashian stop being friends?

The beef between the longtime BFFs could be traced back originally to the jealousy that arose when Kim’s star rose fast and bright, and eventually overtook Paris in the fame game, just a few shorts years after she worked for her as an assistant and stylist.

Does Kim and Paris still talk?

And when Hilton released her song ‘Stars Are Blind’, Kardashian reportedly said that it wasn’t “real music”. In 2011, Kardashian explained that the former BFFs no longer speak. “We don’t really talk,” Kardashian told Harper’s Bazaar. “As I always say, everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Is Kim Kardashian richer than Paris?

Although she’s achieved quite a lot in her career already, let’s not forget when she used to live in the shadow of her far wealthier friend at the time, Paris Hilton. Although the two Hollywood figures are still friends to this day, Kim Kardashian is now the richer one of the two thanks to her huge influencer empire.