What ice cream did Pete give Kim?

Dibs ice cream makes Hulu debut Following an earlier scene in the episode when Pete surprised Kim with a box of Dibs ice cream bites, she was later treated to the same branded snack by her private plan stewardess.

What happened with Pete and Kim?

Why did Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian split? An insider confirmed to Page Six that Pete and Kim “decided to just be friends” after struggling with long distance and their demanding lifestyles.

Does Kim Kardashian have ice cream?

She had actually scheduled the doughnut drop the previous day, apparently predicting she’d be in the mood for a little treat after walking the star-studded red carpet in a formfitting Thierry Mugler gown. Kardashian is also a fan of ice cream — specifically Haagen-Dazs’ dulce de leche flavor.

What did Pete give Kim on the plane?

As Kim entered her private plane, the stewardess revealed a box of chocolate-covered ice cream treats called Dibs saying they were a gift from Pete.