Was Kim Kardashian at Kourtney’s wedding?

Was Kim Kardashian at Kourtney’s wedding?

Kim, for her part, attended the Poosh founder’s third wedding with the rest of her family. Kourtney had her unofficial first wedding in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022, when she got married to Travis Barker without a license.

Was Kim’s wedding in Paris?

Instead, they’re hosting a pre-wedding dinner in Paris and then flying their guests in private planes to Florence, Italy, where the ceremony will take place.

What Paris said about Kim?

She just looks so beautiful and smiling and I think they’re just so cute together,” Hilton, 40, said. “Funny guys are awesome because they just always make you laugh and put you in a good mood and good vibes. It’s really cute.” Hilton and Kardashian have been friends for years.

Why wasn t Pete at Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding?

So, where was he? Well, it turns out that even A-listers have to put work before play sometimes, and Pete had to skip the star-studded wedding to work his shift on SNL this weekend, according to an insider who spoke to US Weekly.