What is Kim Da Mi doing now?

Kim Da Mi and Park Hae Soo will be starring in a sci-fi disaster blockbuster film! On August 2, Netflix announced that Kim Da Mi and Park Hae Soo will be playing the lead roles in the original film “Great Flood,” which is written and directed by Kim Byung Woo.

When did Kim Da Mi start acting?

Kim Da Mi is a South Korean actress who was born on April 9, 1995, in Seoul, South Korea. She made her debut in the movie “2017 Project with the Same Name” in 2017 and followed up with a lead role in the thriller film “The Witch: Subversion” (2018).

Is Kim Da Mi a good actress?

Kim Da Mi has raked in awards because of her superb acting skills as Ja Yoon. May it be dramas or movies, Da Mi doesn’t disappoint. She was acknowledged by various award-giving bodies for her role in The Witch: Part 1.