Where is Kim Hyun-joong presently?

Where is Kim Hyun-joong presently?

He’s happily married For starters, the former boyband member is now happily married to his non-celebrity girlfriend. Although the couple registered their marriage, they did not hold a ceremony due to the pandemic, reported Soompi. Hyun-joong also told his fans about his marriage during a concert in February 2022.

Why Kim Hyun-joong is not married?

Due to the difficulties of the current situation [COVID-19], the couple has decided against holding a ceremony. Since his future spouse is not a celebrity, we have been cautious in releasing the news, so we ask for people’s understanding and also that people refrain from excessive speculation.

Did Kim Hyun-Joong marry his first love?

The 36-year-old singer-actor revealed that he had a registered marriage with his first love, who he had met in seventh standard at Sundae Stew restaurant.

Is Kim Hyun-Joong getting married?

Korean actor-singer Kim Hyun-joong announced during his concert yesterday (27 February) that he is getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend. “I’m not sure how to say this. I have decided to spend the rest of my life with someone who has stayed by my side through my most difficult and exhausting time,” he said.