Are Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer friends?

Are Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer friends?

Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer have a long-standing friendship, which is evident by her appearance on the most recent episode of The Kardashians. Kim and Amy’s friendship may come as a surprise to many, as fans didn’t realize how close the reality star and the comedian were.

Who is Kim Kardashian’s best female friend?

Meet Kim Kardashian’s low-key childhood bestie, Allison Statter: she’s the college dropout daughter of Irving Azoff, who’s managed J. Lo and Lizzo, and featured in Kim’s Skims and KKW campaigns.

Who are Kim’s best friends?

Aside from Kim’s relationships with Pete Davidson and former husband Kanye West, fans are curious to know more about her close friendships with pals Jonathan Cheban, Paris Hilton, and others.

Are Kim and Kanye still friends?

In a confessional interview, she added, “Kanye and I remain friends.