What did Kim do before she was famous?

How did Kim Kardashian become famous? After graduating from high school in 1998, Kim Kardashian became a personal assistant to Paris Hilton, an American hotel heiress and socialite. Kardashian remained mostly unknown until early 2007, when a sex tape featuring her and her boyfriend, Ray J, leaked online.

How did Kim Kardashian get rich?

In April 2021, Kardashian officially joined Forbes’ World Billionaires list. Forbes cites KKW Beauty and SKIMS, as well as “cash from reality television and endorsement deals, and a number of smaller investments” as sources of her wealth.

How did all the Kardashians get famous?

The family fame and fortune as we know them today has been widely credited to Kim Kardashian and a sex tape between her and then boyfriend Ray J that was leaked.

Does Kim wear wigs all the time?

She wears a lot of different wigs in just a year. However, her new trademark color is platinum blonde. You can sometimes see her with short hair that becomes long in a few days. At her photoshoots, you will also most likely see her rocking different hairstyles that are wigs.