How much does Guillermo del Toro make?

How much does Guillermo del Toro make?

Guillermo del Toro earns an estimated salary of $4 Million per Year.

How did Guillermo get his start?

Rodriguez began working as a parking-lot security guard for Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio in 2003. At that time he also had a second full-time job (hotel room server) as well as working weekends at a third. He later moved from being a parking-lot security guard to appearing on-screen.

Is Guillermo a bodyguard?

Like Cher, Bono, and Godzilla, Guillermo is instantly recognizable by a single name. He is also the real-life Parking Lot Security Guard for Jimmy Kimmel Live, and frequently serves as its celebrity gossip correspondent in the popular segment “Guillermo’s Hollywood Round-Up.”