Did Hosanna Plath have a baby?

Currently, Hosanna plays multiple instruments, and travels around the country with her husband, performing gospel music. The couple recently welcomed their first child, which is another reason why the show’s viewers want her to interact with her family.

What is Micah Plath salary?

Micah Plath: $100,000 A budding modeling career and over 366,000 Instagram followers have led Micah Plath down the path of his current net worth.

What does Barry Plath do for a living?

What Is Barry Plath’s Job? Barry currently works as a transportation planner with a private firm. The father of 10 has had the job for more than 25 years, according LinkedIn.

Are Plath kids homeschooled?

Welcome to Plathville viewers feel Kim and Barry Plath let their children down when they decided to homeschool them. The kids do not know a lot of history as their education was extremely limited. Now fans feel the older kids are at a disadvantage without a proper high school diploma.