What medications was Kim Richards taking?

What medications was Kim Richards taking?

7 episode… During a visit to a plastic surgeon, Kim tells the doctor that she’s taking a prescription drug cocktail of the antiseizure medication Topomax, Trazodone and Lexapro to combat depression and anxiety—and the doc tells her that the effects of all three could be giving her an intoxicated vibe.

Was Kim’s dog Kingsley put down?

Training did not work, intensive therapy did not work and now Kim Richards has made the tough decision to give up her pit bull. The 50-year-old’s sister Kyle revealed that there was no other option after Kingsley the dig bit her daughter Alexia.

What tablets was Eminem addicted to?

In a past interview with Vibe , Eminem opened up about how bad things were due to his addiction. He estimated that he consumed “anywhere between 10 to 20” Vicodin daily in addition to massive doses of Valium, Ambien and other substances.

What medication does Lisa Rinna take?

Lisa says they are “mostly” vitamins, but she does identify a sleeping pill and a Xanax. She also says there is other medication in the bag, like anti-allergy pills.