Did lace and Grant get married?

Did lace and Grant get married?

Lace ended up competing on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 later that year and forged a connection with Grant Kemp. (They even got matching tattoos with their couple’s name: Grace.) Lace and Grant ended up engaged but ultimately broke up soon after leaving the beach.

Are Daniel and Lacy still together?

Essentially, the entire confrontation was a disaster, which tells fans all they need to know: Lacey and Daniel are done, and it is unquestionably for the best. It’s OK, guys. Lacey will find someone who deserves her, and…

What happened to lace from Bachelor in Paradise?

Lace quit the season after she saw Ben and contestant Becca Tilley kissing, which made her realize the show wasn’t for her at the time. “I think I’ve been making a lot of progress on myself … I’m really proud of it,” she told host Chris Harrison after she quit.

Is Marcus Grodd still married?

They broke up and Grodd is now married to Ally Lutar who he met through mutual friends, per People.

Is Marcus on Andi’s season married?

The Bachelor In Paradise alum and his fiancée wed on Jan. 6 in a beautiful ceremony in Vancouver, Canada. “It feels complete finally. It feels fantastic finally being married,” Marcus told E! News.

Why did Marcus and Lacey break up?

“Her priorities changed, what she wanted in life changed. She was just a very different person from when I first met and got engaged to.” He adds, “It became a toxic relationship at times. She was very controlling.