What did Francesco carrozzini do to Lana Del Rey?

What did Francesco carrozzini do to Lana Del Rey?

Work with Lana Del Rey Carrozzini also directed and filmed the music video for Del Rey’s “Honeymoon”, which was leaked onto Taylor Secman’s YouTube channel on December 27, 2015, although it was not discovered until June 24, 2016, when the link was shared by a fan.

Who is Lana Del Rey in a relationship with?

Lana Del Rey and Boyfriend Jack Donoghue Hard-Launched Their Relationship With a Photo Op Outside a Chicago Jail.

What Lana songs are about Francesco?

Lana Del Rey’s “13 Beaches” Could Be About This Ex One narrative is a troubled relationship. The other is the real story the 32-year-old cites as the inspiration behind “13 Beaches” when speaking with Paris Match.

Are Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson still together?

Clayton Johnson is an American musician and singer. He dated Del Rey from late 2020 to mid-2021, and contributed production to her eighth studio album.

Why did Lana Del Rey break up with Francesco?

Lana looked completely stressed out and upset. ” Lana – who was engaged to Barrie-James O’Neill before she met Francesco – claims her three-year relationship to the rocker ended because depression ”demolished” their engagement. She explained: ”(I destroyed) the relationship I’ve been in for the last three years.

Why did Lana Del Rey cry?

Lana Del Rey has admitted that her on-stage tears in Dublin last year were the result of a medical problem. The singer cried on stage when performing ‘Video Games’ in Ireland in 2013 and most people thought she was just getting into the moment.