Why was Leva so mad at Craig?

Leva expressed her frustration with the party arrangements. This led to Craig eventually yelling at the reality star, and asking her to leave before she called him a “clown” and claimed his business wasn’t run by him, but by his partner.

Are Craig and Leva still friends?

In fact, when speaking to Page Six, Leva teased a bit about what she and Craig discussed at that season-ending sit-down: “We’re no longer close, but we spoke at the reunion and you’ll have to sort of tune in to see the context and where that lands us now.”

Why does Leva look different?

Details on her weight loss journey! Leva revealed that along with diet and exercise, a plastic surgeon also helped her “tweak” her physique. Last year, she posted a candid message on Instagram that explained her decision to go under the knife.

Do people like Venita on Southern Charm?

Southern Charm star Venita Aspen is back as a full cast member for season 8. Despite fans’ high hopes for her, many are not happy with her behavior. Venita Aspen has returned for Southern Charm season 8, but so far, she is not resonating with viewers.

Does Craig have a mental illness?

Craig was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in Season 4, although he exhibited symptoms much earlier in the show.

Why is Craigs fingernail painted?

Why, yes — that’d be a blue nail! And we even know the secret meaning behind the polished finger. Craig is a supporter of The New York Center for Children. Through its “Polished Man” campaign, the organization seeks to raise awareness and funds for child abuse.