What is Marta Dusseldorp doing now?

What is Marta Dusseldorp doing now?

Today she lives by the Hobart beachside, with husband Ben Winspear and their two girls, bringing world-class production to Tasmania through their screen and stage company, Archipelago Productions. Marta Dusseldorp is one of Australia’s most revered and well-known actresses.

Where was Marta Dusseldorp born?

Marta Dusseldorp

Can Marta Dusseldorp speak French?

After seven years I’m finally back in the gym.” For A Place To Call Home she had to learn to speak French, as Sarah travels to Paris (actually filmed in The Rocks area of Sydney, much to Dusseldorp’s disappointment). She undertook French lessons with her husband, Ben Winspear, who plays her husband Rene in the series.

Why did Marta get recast?

Marta was portrayed by two actresses: Leonor Varela appeared in two episodes and left due to scheduling conflicts. Patricia Velasquez appeared in five additional episodes; all over the span of Season One.