Why did AshDubh quit?

His content consisted of gaming videos including Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft. He previously recorded GTA V, Pokémon GO and Happy Wheels, among other games. On 27th March 2019, he announced that he would stop uploading videos on his main channel after 30th April due to personal matters.

Why did l for Lee leave?

He knew having Lee would ruin his public image. Therefore, all videos with Lee in Stampy’s channel were played by someone else. The L for Lee charcter finally left the Lovely World on episode 339, around 50 episodes after the incident. It was a shock to old fans who liked Lee.

What’s Sqaishey’s real name?

Kye Garrett (née Bates), more commonly known as Sqaishey Quack, Sqaishey Duck or simply Sqaishey, is a British YouTuber, Video Game Commentator, and streamer.

Are stampy and squid still friends?

Although Stampy has no plans for any new series with Squid considering his track is going on a different direction now, they will still remain friends. They still collaborate occasionally through some live-streams.