Does BTOB have tattoos?

On his back, shoulder, and arm, BTOB’s Changsub has a few tattoos but hasn’t added any more to his collection since.

Why does BTOB only have 4 members now?

BTOB has debuted their latest unit group BTOB 4U! On November 16, BTOB 4U held a showcase for their first mini album “INSIDE.” Following the military discharge of the group’s three oldest members, BTOB 4U is a new unit consisting of Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel.

Who is leader of BTOB?

BTOB’s Leader, Seo Eunkwang Speaks Up For The First Time After Ilhoon’s Controversy And Departure.

Who is the richest in BTOB?

BtoB’s Yook Sung-jae was born into a rich family before he made his fortune: how the Mystic Pop-up Bar star manages to live a wealthy yet meaningful lifestyle.