Is LOL movie inappropriate?

Parents need to know that LOL stars Miley Cyrus in the American adaptation of a popular French coming-of-age drama that tackles mature topics including teen sexuality, drug experimentation, divorce, and parent-child relationships.

What age is LOL the movie for?

Overall comments and recommendations
Children under 13 Not suitable due to themes, sexual references and behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse and coarse language
Children aged 13-15 Not recommended due to themes, sexual references and behaviour and drug and alcohol abuse

Is LOL movie a remake?

LOL is a 2012 American teen romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Lisa Azuelos. A remake of the 2008 French film LOL (Laughing Out Loud) (also directed by Azuelos), the film stars Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Ashley Greene, and Adam Sevani.

What is the movie LOL based off of?

The movie is heavily inspired by La Boum, which starred Marceau as the teenage character. After the film’s great success, several actors from the cast took part in Fort Boyard in 2009, a French TV show aimed at raising money for an association.

Do Lola and Kyle end up together?

Eventually, Lola and Anne reconcile and Lola moves back in with her mother. Kyle’s band wins battle of the bands and his father finally begins to support his musical aspirations. Kyle and Lola stay together.

Does Lola go to Paris in LOL?

Meanwhile, Lola and Anne reconnect, and Anne allows Lola to go on the class trip to Paris. While on the Paris trip, Emily finally admits to Lola it was actually her and her secret boyfriend Wen (Adam Sevani) in the bathroom, not Ashley and Kyle.