Why is Brahms so strong?

Brahms doesn’t have any powers per se, but he clearly suffers from some combination of psychological trauma and mental disability. Since he never received any help as a child, he became dangerous because of it.

Was the doll possessed in The Boy?

The Boy played with the audience’s expectations by revealing that the doll wasn’t actually possessed, so making the “normal” Brahms turn out to be for-real haunted is a nice mirror image. Still, The Boy worked well on its own. It didn’t need to be more complicated.

Is the real Brahms alive in the Boy 2?

However, the film ended with a huge whopper by revealing that there was nothing malevolent about Brahms the doll, as the real Brahms was still alive.

Why did Brahms hide in the walls?

To protect their son, the Heelshires hid Brahms away in the walls of their mansion and had him declared dead, so that no one could find him. Brahms then began wearing a porcelain doll-like mask so as to hide his mutilated face.

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Does Brahms love Greta?

Because Brahms loves Greta (in his own way) and was obviously the one watching Greta and Malcolm make out earlier. While Brahms was undeniabely jealous (Hence why he started playing the music), he probably knew that the affection and love they showed each other making out was genuine, while Cole was an abusive Jerkass.

What did the letter say in The Boy?

Upon pausing at a certain time one can read the full text of the Heelshire’s letter to Brahms: “Our Dearest Son, words cannot describe our heartbreak as we leave you now. We will not be back. We simply cannot bear to live with what we have allowed you to become. The girl is yours now.