Why Is Scary Movie 2 rated R?

Scary Movie 2 is rated R by the MPAA for strong sexual and gross humor, graphic language and some drug content. Contains: Frequent sexually suggestive scenes, crude content, gross humor, violent depictions, graphic language and some drug content.

Why Is Scary Movie 2 Rated?

Scary Movie 2 [2001] [R] – 8.6. 8 | Parents’ Guide & Review | Kids-In-Mind.com. SEX/NUDITY 8 – There is a lot of sexual innuendo, including references to pedophilia, erectional dysfunction, homosexuality, bisexuality.

Why is Ted rated R?

Director: MacFarlane. Rating: R, for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, and some drug use.

Why is Deadpool rated R?

“Deadpool” is arguably the most sexually inappropriate movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rated R for strong language, violence, sexual content and graphic nudity.

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What is Family Guy age rating?

Early Seasons Okay for 12+, Anything after season 10 is 14+

Is the 40 year old virgin appropriate?

Common Sense says. A one-joke sex comedy that is not for kids.