How old is nevaan Nigam?

Eleven-year-old Nevaan perked up his look for his birthday with a cool new haircut (see pic).

Does Sonu Nigam have a daughter?

Nigam identifies as Hindu. He married Madhurima Mishra on 15 February 2002. They have a son named Nevaan.

Who is the youngest singer in India?

Meet 5-year-old Dhritishman Chakraborty, India’s Youngest Multilingual Singer And National Award Recipient.

Is Sonu Nigam vegetarian?

Sonu Nigam: I eat everything. I don’t have any (health) problems. And sometimes, I turn vegetarian, but since I travel too much, I don’t get the diet of my choice.

Why did Sonu Nigam stop?

Singer Sonu Nigam explained in a new interview why he has stepped away from the film industry. Once among the country’s top playback singers, Sonu Nigam has publicly said that he no longer agrees with the methods of music directors, and prefers not participating in projects where he’ll essentially be made to audition.

Why is Avneet Kaur famous?

Avneet Kaur (born 13 October 2001) is an Indian actress, dancer and model. She is known for portraying Charumati in Chandra Nandini and Princess Yasmine in Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga.