Who was the last President of Haiti?

Jovenel Moïse (French pronunciation: ​[ʒɔv(ə)nɛl mɔiz]; Haitian Creole pronunciation: [ʒovɛnɛl mɔiz]; 26 June 1968 – 7 July 2021) was a Haitian entrepreneur and politician, who served as the 43rd President of Haiti from 2017 until his assassination in 2021.

Who was the dictator of Haiti?

François Duvalier (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃swa dyvalje]; 14 April 1907 – 21 April 1971), also known as Papa Doc, was a Haitian politician of French Martiniquan descent who served as the President of Haiti from 1957 to 1971.

Why is Haiti so poor?

Once the wealthiest colony in the Americas, Haiti is now the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country, with more than half of its population living below the World Bank’s poverty line. Foreign intervention and debt, political instability, and natural disasters have stymied the Caribbean country’s development.

Where is Haiti in relation to the United States of America?

Haiti is located in the Caribbean about 700 miles away from Miami, Florida. Haiti makes up 1/3 of the larger island called “Hispaniola” (the other 2/3 of the island is the Dominican Republic). Below is a chart that lists the distances between 6 large US cities and Port au Prince, the Capital of Haiti.