What characters does nicolas roye voice?

What characters does nicolas roye voice?

Nicolas Roye is a voice actor known for voicing Chuuya Nakahara, Shisui Uchiha, and Mikey Kudo.

Who does nicolas roye voice in halo infinite?

Halo Infinite (Video Game 2021) – Nicolas Roye as Echo-216 – IMDb.

Is the voice actor for Octane in Halo?

Born in New Jersey and raised in Louisiana, Nicolas Roye is an American actor known for voicing major roles in video games, animation, anime, commercials & promos.

Who is the most famous voice actor for games?

Steve Blum holds a 2012 Guinness World Record for most video game credits ever recorded, with the actor taking on around 16 major game roles every year since 2007.

Are Sid and Bruno voiced by the same person?

John Leguizamo as Bruno Madrigal Encanto isn’t the first time Leguizamo has lent his voice to a popular animation film. He also voices Sid in the Ice Age franchise.

Who is the hologram girl in Halo?

According to her backstory, Cortana was derived from the cloned brain of Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, the creator of the SPARTAN-II supersoldier project; Halsey’s synapses became the basis for Cortana’s processors.