Who is Shane Maguire?

A native of Ireland, Coach Maguire holds a UEFA “A” license from the Irish Football Association. From 1996 to 1999, he was the coordinator and a coach for the Irish Football Association’s residential Centers of Excellence, and several of his former players are still active in Europe’s top professional leagues.

Who is Steven Cimini?

Stephen Cimini is an exciting American painter with national exhibition experience. The vocabulary for his current work originates from the linear landscape of Manhattan. It explores geometric spaces and their relationships to each other, and also engages a fascination with the mystery of color.

Who did Nicole Curtis have a baby with?

When she was 20 years old, she got pregnant with her son Ethan, who was welcomed into the world in December 1997. She shares Ethan with her ex-husband, Steven Cimini.

Who is Nicole Curtis baby daddy?

While Nicole decided not to have her younger son, Harper, appear on her show to protect his privacy (and was also in an ongoing custody battle with his father, Shane Maguire), she has fond memories of Ethan on set.

Why did Kelly leave Shane?

She gained status on the estate by marrying Shane Maguire. But the marriage ended when she fell in love with Marty Fisher.

What happened Paddy Maguire?

Paddy Maguire: In Episode 716, it was implied by Joe Pritchard that he had relatives of his in Ireland go kill Paddy Maguire soon after he returned to Belfast.