Is Michael Phelps still married to Nicole Johnson?

Is Michael Phelps still married to Nicole Johnson?

Currently, Johnson is serving as the ambassador of the Michael Phelps Foundation. She has been working closely with her husband for over six years to help promote water safety and a healthy lifestyle. Nicole has had quite an accomplished career so far.

Where is Nicole Johnson from?

Ventura County, California, U.S.

Is Michael Phelps a billionaire?

Is Michael Phelps a billionaire? No, Phelps hasn’t joined the billionaire club.

How much is Michael Phelps worth?

Michael Phelps’ net worth in 2022 is $100 million. Phelps is a retired Olympic swimmer and corporate endorser. He has won 28 Olympic medals, with 23 of them being gold. Not only is he the best Olympic swimmer of all time, but arguably also the winningest athlete in Olympic history.

Is Nicole Johnson married?

Nicole Johnson

Where is Clark Kent Apuada from?

10-year-old swimmer Clark Kent Apuada certainly seems to be living up to his super hero name. The boy from Monterey Country in the USA is known as aqua Superman after breaking Michael Phelps’ 100 metre butterfly record, set at the same meet in 1995.