Was Nicole Kidman’s face altered in Being the Ricardos?

Was Nicole Kidman’s face altered in Being the Ricardos?

That finally changed with her Oscar-nominated take on Lucille Ball in the biopic ‘Being the Ricardos’ (2021). In the film, Kidman’s face is almost unrecognizable with the makeup and prosthetics used to make her look more like Ball.

Did Nicole Kidman wear face prosthetics to Lucille Ball?

To portray Lucille Ball, Kidman dyed her hair red to match Ball’s famed crimson. She also wore fine-tuned facial prosthetics that helped her achieve a new nose and thinner, higher-slung brows.

Did Nicole Kidman wear facial prosthetics in Being the Ricardos?

In Aaron Sorkin’s new backstage comedy-drama, Kidman plays the American sitcom star Lucille Ball, and sports one of those prosthetically and digitally assisted make-up jobs to make her better resemble her famous subject.

How did Nicole Kidman turn into Lucille Ball?

The 54-year-old actress, who has described Lucille Ball as ‘complex’, said would spend hours practising her iconic ‘voice’ and ‘physicality’. ‘[It was a] crazy amount of hours fastidiously working on the physicality, on the voice, on the movements, just learning the words,’ Nicole told The Daily Telegraph.

How accurate was Being the Ricardos?

While most of the major events of Being the Ricardos are true—Ball’s second pregnancy, Ball testifying to the House Un-American Activities Committee that she was not a communist, and a story in Confidential magazine about Arnaz’s infidelity—they did not happen over the course of one week, as we see in the movie.

Are the people interviewed in Being the Ricardos real?

No, the interviews throughout the biopic are performed by actors with dialogue written by Sorkin. John Rubinstein, Linda Lavin, and Ronny Cox all play characters who were involved in the interview scenes.