Who is Dr. Nicole Martin engaged to?

Who is Dr. Nicole Martin engaged to?

“[My fiancé] Anthony [Lopez] flies us to the Keys for the weekend and we’re waiting on the tarmac and Lisa’s like an hour and a half late,” the anesthesiologist, 37, recounts. “And we’re all just sitting on the plane like, ‘Where the hell is Lisa?’ And we were about to leave her.

Did Dr Nicole get married?

Dr. Nicole Martin Opens Up About Marrying Anthony Lopez | The Daily Dish.

What kind of doctor is Nicole from Miami?

Nicole Martin is a successful Board Certified Anesthesiologist, award winning teacher and lecturer based in Miami, Florida.

Is Dr Nicole a real doctor?

Dr. Nicole is an anesthesiologist who is based in Miami and currently works with the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics–UHealth Tower, according to Health U.S. News. Before she began practicing, Nicole received her medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine.

What does Nicole Martin’s husband do?

The Real Housewives of Miami’s cast member Dr. Nicole Martin lives in a waterfront mansion with her husband, the attorney Anthony Lopez.

Where was Dr Nicole Martin born?

Reverend Doctor Nicole Martin was born and educated in Baltimore, Maryland.