Why does Alexis leave Dynasty?

She was later callous toward her real son out of fear that her secrets would resurface. After all of her lies and treacherous behavior was revealed, Alexis was driven to suicide as she no longer had Blake’s heart, money, or her children’s affection.

Did they replace Alexis on Dynasty?

Elizabeth Gillies, who stars as Alexis’s daughter Fallon, played the role of Alexis after Sheridan’s departure for three episodes near the end of the second season. The role was recast with Elaine Hendrix for season three.

When did Alexis leave Dynasty?

Towards the end of Dynasty Season 2, Alexis left the series in order to get her face reconstructed again in Europe.

Why was Nathalie fired from Dynasty?

Kelley did add, however, that she was dissatisfied with some of the Season 1 material, noting that “the writing was boxing me in a little bit.” When the show ultimately seemed to decide “the best thing they felt they could do is start afresh,” she was let go from the series.

Why was Cristal recast in Dynasty?

“Unfortunately, Ana Brenda Contreras will not be returning for the third season of Dynasty due to personal reasons,” executive producer/showrunner Josh Reims tells TVLine. “We’d like to thank her for her contributions to the show and wish her all the best.

Does Steven come back in Dynasty?

He comes back as Graham (played by Dan Amboyer), the new majordomo that joins the manor in the penultimate episode. When Graham kidnaps Adam and ties him up in a cabin, he peels his face off (gotta love a soap opera!) to reveal he’s actually Steven.