Who are the girls in Night Teeth?

Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney had only one night of filming.

Where was Netflix Night Teeth filmed?

Filming. Principal photography began in February 2020 in New Orleans and Los Angeles.

How old is Zoe in Night Teeth?

In the Adam Randall-directed film, Fry plays a 200-year-old vampire named Zoe, who, along with Debby Ryan’s Blaire, are trying to shatter a centuries-old truce between vampires and humans in Los Angeles.

Is Jay a vampire in Night Teeth?

But little does Benny know, the reason his brother Jay can’t work is that Jay is a vampire hunter, and there’s been suspicious vampire activity in their neighborhood, Boyle Heights. Namely, the vampires have broken the truce and are killing humans.

Who is the villain in Night Teeth?

Alfie Allen stars as vampire leader and villain Victor. Full of boredom, Allen takes it upon himself to kidnap Jay’s girlfriend and deliberately break the truce between humans and vampires in Los Angeles, causing chaos.

Who are the vampires in Night Teeth?

Netflix’s Night Teeth stars Lucy Fry and Debby Ryan as Zoe and Blaire, two vampire enforcers in a battle over the vampire underground in Los Angeles. They work for Victor, played by Game of Thrones’ Alfie Allen, who set the stage for a changing of the guard in one nocturnal mission.