Are Nike Blazer Mid 77 true to size?

The Nike Blazer Mid 77 runs true to size for most. Their length fits true and their width is what I would describe as more narrow and neutral.

Do Nike Blazers run small or big?

Generally speaking, Nike Blazers fit true to size. Both men’s and women’s versions of Nike Blazers fit exactly like your normal shoe size. However, you should remember that there is a 1-1.5 size variation between women’s and men’s US size when it comes to Nike Blazers.

Do Nike Blazers come true to size?

Nike Blazers do fit true to size. They fit very narrow, but also quite long, so definitely keep that in mind. They may feel tight across the toe box at first until you wear them in. If you have wide feet then you may want to go half a size up from your usual size to avoid the uncomfortable break-in period.

Should you size up in blazers?

Between sizes? Always size up. It’s much easier to make things smaller (via alterations) than to try and squeeze into a too small blazer.

What size Blazer do I need?

Take a measuring tape and wrap it around thefullest part of your chest (under your armpits). If you measure 40 inches around your chest, then your chest size is 40 inches and, likewise, your suit jacket size is 40. The letter after the jacket size is thelength of your jacket (both body and sleeve).

Should Blazers be tight or loose?

When buttoned, the lapels of your blazer should only be loose enough to fit a tightened fist between the fabric and your chest, and they should be snug to your chest.