Where is Nike shoes manufactured?

Almost all Nike shoes are manufactured outside of the United States. The leading manufacturer of Nike shoes is China and Vietnam each accounting for 36% of the total manufactured world wide. Indonesia accounts for 22% and Thailand for 6% of the Nike shoes that are being produced world wide.

How many Nike manufacturing plants are there?

There are about 600 factories located in 46 different countries that exclusively manufacture Nike shoes. Out of these Nike vendors, about 36% are located in China and Vietnam each.

Does Nike own any manufacturing plants?

The key to Nike’s efficiency is its low overhead manufacturing costs. Instead of owning and operating its own factories, Nike’s footwear division solicits the services of independent contract manufacturers located in fourteen countries around the world.

Does Nike have factories in China?

Nike’s Manufacturing History Nike began international manufacturing early in its history and started in Japan. In the 1980s, the company moved nearly its entire manufacturing efforts to South Korea and Taiwan. In 1981, Nike opened its first factory in China.

Why are Nikes made in Vietnam?

In fact, some of the biggest shoe brands have located their factories in Vietnam. Think of sneaker multinationals such as Nike, Adidas and Puma! One of the main reasons Vietnam is such an attractive to produce footwear, is based on the fact that there are little to no duty restrictions when exporting from Vietnam.

Is Nike made in China or Vietnam?

The vast majority of real Nike shoes are made in factories in China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.