Why was Nikita Dragun in hospital?

Nikita Dragun is receiving professional mental health care in a facility after getting arrested at a Miami hotel and spending time in jail … TMZ has learned. Nikita’s rep, Jack Ketsoyan, tells TMZ … “We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for Nikita during this time.

Why was Nikita in a psychiatric hospital?

Last year, Dragun revealed her struggles with her mental health to her followers on social media. The beauty influencer uploaded a post to Instagram in which she said that she was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility for eight days following a manic episode on Thanksgiving Day.

What did Nikita Dragun do to herself?

Many look up to the beauty vlogger for being true to herself. While celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Meliana Trump deny they’ve gone under the knife, Nikita has proudly admitted to getting breast implants and facial feminization surgery to soften her facial features.

Why did Nikita go to jail?

Dragun was taken into custody after allegedly assaulting a law enforcement officer at a Miami hotel. She was arrested on battery on a police officer charges, a third-degree felony in the state of Florida, according to jail records viewed by In Touch.

Is Nikita Dragun with Vinnie?

TikTok star Vinnie Hacker has denied rumors that he’s dating influencer Nikita Dragun, after she shared some images with him on her Instagram page. Vinnie Hacker is an 18-year-old influencer who has developed a substantial following of almost 7 million on TikTok.

Why was Paulo sent to a mental asylum by his parents?

Coelho was raised in Rio de Janeiro. He rebelled against the conventions of his Roman Catholic upbringing and, as a result, was temporarily committed to a psychiatric hospital by his parents. Coelho dropped out of law school in 1970 and traveled through South America, Mexico, North Africa, and Europe.