Is Nikki and Mark still together?

90 Day Fiancé’s Mark Shoemaker filed for divorce from wife Nikki Shoemaker, marking an end to their six-year marriage. From fiancé to divorcé.

How old are Mark and Nikki 90 Day Fiancé?

Mark Shoemaker and Nikki Mediano: 39 years Mark and Nikki made their debut on season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé and at the time of filming, Mark was 58 years old while Nikki was only 19 years old.

What does Mark Shoemaker do?

Shoemakerdbta A440 Concert Piano Service, in my 47th year single-handedly providing my fleet of new Yamaha, Steinway and Bosendorfer concert grand pianos and aural concert tuning to major venues, including theatres, casinos, convention centers, chartered cruise ships, etc., mostly in the northeast USA, but also …

Did Mark and Nikki have a baby?

Nikki and Mark did not have any children in their six years of marriage. When fans first met Mark on 90 Day Fiancé, all they could see were red flags from the way he found Nikki in the same city as his ex-wife, and how he scolded her as if she were a child when she left her handprints on his car window.

Is Kalani still married?

When the couple couldn’t resolve their issues, Kalani listed her Utah home for sale. Later on, Asuelu, who’s still married to Kalani, posted a cryptic message on social media insinuating that he was single.

Are Ari and Bini still together?

Ari and Bini wed earlier in 2022 They met when Ariela divorced her former husband and she traveled the world. She met Bini in Ethiopia and three months later they were expecting their son Avi.