Did Nikki Phillippi adopt?

In the video, which is still publicly available on Phillippi’s YouTube channel with comments turned off, Nikki and Dan spoke about deciding to not adopt a child from Thailand given what they said was a social media policy that’s part of Thai law.

Where do Nikki and Dan Phillippi live?

American family vloggers Nikki and Dan Phillippi are no strangers to controversy. The Nashville-based Christian influencers have been documenting their lives on the internet, via Nikki’s YouTube channel, for 10 years now, amassing 1.7 million followers in the process.

Where is Huxley Stauffer now?

Huxley Stauffer Is Safe And Happy In His New Home, According To Authorities In Ohio. Deputies in Ohio have closed the case investigating the family YouTubers after confirming Huxley is “very happy and well taken care of” and his new adoption is legal.

What is the animal Nikki?

The plot, based on the novel Nomads of the North by James Oliver Curwood, centers around the adventures of a malamute dog named Nikki.

Who lost highest followers in Instagram?

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo lose 3 million Instagram followers?

Who lost the most followers on Instagram in 24 hours?

According to Navarra, “Instagram’s own IG account has lost 1.49 million followers” on Monday. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo lost over 3 million followers in the last 24 hours.