How did Krissy Taylor pass away?

Krissy Taylor

What happened to Niki and Krissy Taylor?

In a rare interview, supermodel Niki Taylor opens up about losing her younger sister, Krissy Taylor, to heart disease and why she’s raising awareness twenty-three years after her unexpected and tragic death. Supermodel Niki Taylor lost her only sister, Krissy, to heart disease when she was just 17 years old.

Are Niki and Krissy Taylor twins?

She was the sister of supermodel Niki Taylor.

What happened to Niki Taylor’s sister?

In a preview of the interview, set to air Sunday night at 9pm, Taylor says unexpectedly losing Krissy, also a model, to a rare heart condition in 1995 was ‘the biggest tragedy and loss’ of her life. ‘We were very close. We worked together.

Did Niki Taylor get in an accident?

Niki Taylor reflects on near-fatal car crash All-American girl Niki Taylor was one of the most in-demand supermodels of the ’90s, but her life would forever change on April 28, 2001.

Did Niki open for Taylor Swift?

Career. At 15, she was the opening act for Taylor Swift’s The Red Tour in Jakarta after winning a competition arranged by Swift and the ice-cream brand Walls, called Ride to Fame.