Why did Nikki Cox leave Las Vegas?

NBC announced a fifth season in February 2007, while stating that Caan and Nikki Cox would depart the series. Caan had wanted to resume film acting; he previously had to pass on several film opportunities due to conflicts with the Las Vegas production schedule. Cox was let go from the production due to budget cuts.

Did the cast of friends actually go to Vegas?

Unfortunately, the Vegas that the friends visit is a constructed set that no longer exists. In fact, when the actors are perusing the Casino, they’re actually walking in the very same place that their Central Perk couch usually sat.

Does Danny marry Delinda on Las Vegas?

During Season 3, an old college flame returns and asks Delinda to marry him. She accepts, but before the ceremony Ed is shot. In the fray of Ed’s medical crisis, Delinda calls off her wedding to Derick.

Is Nikki Cox married?

Nikki Cox

What happen to Nikki Cox?

Following her divorce, Nikki has maintained a very private and low-key life. Her whereabouts are still not known. She is not very active on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Is Jay Mohr still married to Nikki Cox?

Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox are officially done being husband and wife. According to new legal docs … their divorce became final Tuesday, but the terms of their settlement will remain under wraps. This means we don’t know the custody situation of their 7-year-old son … same for child or spousal support.