Is Nikocado in a relationship?

In 2016, Nikocado Avocado posted a video revealing that he and Home met in a Facebook group for vegan men. The two remained friends for quite a while, but their relationship evolved. The couple tied the knot in 2017 but have had a rocky relationship ever since.

Who is Nikocado and Orlin?

Orlin Home, real name possibly Rodrigo Gonzalez, is a famous YouTuber, typically associated with Nikocado Avocado. He is Nikocado’s husband, best friend, and rival. Like Nikocado, Orlin has his own YouTube channel but the two of them tend to be in videos together.

Did Nick and Orlin breakup?

YouTube star Nikocado Avocado’s husband Orlin has confirmed the couple has ended their marriage, and that Niko has taken a break from social media to focus on personal issues.

Why did Orlin leave Nikocado?

After posting a video that compared Nikocado’s early vlogging days to his more current videos, Orlin apparently realized how much his husband had changed. This, Nikocado claims, was the moment when he decided to move out.

What did Nick avocado do to Stephanie?

In the video, Soo accused Nikocado Avocado of being extremely manipulative and bullying her into a series of violent panic and anxiety attacks. According to Soo, Nikocado Avocado had pressured her into talking trash about another YouTuber during a collab, Veronica Wang.

What’s going on with Nikocado?

The Decline of Nikocado Avocado’s Physical and Mental Health Perry was rapidly gaining weight, and he wasn’t shy about addressing it. With the ridiculous amounts of food he was eating, it’s not too far of a jump to assume he was eating above his daily caloric limit. But, with the extra fat also came the extra drama.