Who is Nikol Johnson Sanchez?

I am Nikol, I am a makeup artist, former FORD model and lover of Paris, our little French bulldog and champagne. My husband and I went to high school together and have grown closer and stronger from our infertility journey. I am passionate about making women feel beautiful both on the inside and out.

Where is Nikol Johnson located?

Don’t miss Nikol as an On-Air Beauty Expert for HSN, and fashion influencer sharing all her latest skin care, makeup tips and fashion. Nikol is based out of South Florida and is a huge lover of French bulldogs especially her little four-year-old Frenchie.

Who is Nikol of Nikol cosmetics?

Multi-Media Makeup artist in Florida published author Nikol Johnson is the owner and creator of Fresh Beauty Studio, an international on location hair and makeup studio specializing in modern bridal hair makeup and permanent makeup.

How old is Nikol Sanchez?

We are so happy to present our latest #interviewee the stunning 43 yr old Nikol.

When did Nikol Johnson get married?

My husband and I went to high school together and we reconnected through Twitter in 2011. He had just moved his office around the corner from my studio. We dated for 6 months, got engaged on top of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas and were married on November 23rd, 2012.

Who owns the beauty blender?

Rea Ann Silva went from being a professional makeup artist to becoming the founder and CEO of Beautyblender. On this episode of Second Life, find out how she changed the way millions of people apply their makeup.