What happened to Nile niami house?

Nile Niami planned to list the roughly 105,000-square-foot L.A. megamansion for $500 million. Instead, the home was auctioned off for $126 million, leaving a trail of debt in its wake.

Who bought Nile niami the one?

Richard Saghian bought The One. But the story’s not over yet – Los Angeles Times.

How does Nile niami afford the one?

Over the years, Niami borrowed many tens of millions to finance the grandiose project. With more than $165 million in defaulted loans and debts now racked up, The One has finally been placed into receivership by the Los Angeles County Superior Court — in an attempt to get Niami’s creditors paid.

Where did Nile niami get his money?

Nile Niami (born February 25, 1968) is an American Indian former film producer turned real estate developer, who has built and sold multi-million dollar mansions in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Bel Air and Holmby Hills.

Why is Nile niami in debt?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nile Niami’s net worth is estimated at approximately $50 million, while he had to borrow money to develop his dream building but that led him to default debt.

Did Egypt and mikes house sell?

It sold for $70,000 more than the current listing prices of the other three “Rock the Block” homes. So, is the higher price justified? Harper points out that the hallway in the entry added more square footage to the house, “and the design elements from Mike and Egypt definitely justified a higher price.”