What does NIMS purja do now?

Since 2019, Purja has remained a leader in mountains and a role model for the Nepali climbing community. In February 2021, he led the all-Nepali expedition that made the first winter ascent of K2, one of the most coveted objectives in mountaineering and the last of the 8,000-meter peaks to see a winter ascent.

How did Nims climb so fast?

Nims used bottled oxygen in all of his ascents. Impressively, previous record holder Kim Chang Ho didn’t use any and he still holds the record for the fastest ascent of all mountains over 8,000 m without supplementary oxygen.

How many times has Nimsdai climbed Everest?

He has led 20 x 8000m expeditions with a 100% success rate, in both reaching the summit and more importantly bringing everyone home safely.

Did Nirmal Purja make it?

The record stood at seven years, 10 months and six days, but Purja planned to do it within seven months. He achieved it in six months and six days. It propelled the Special Forces soldier (the first Gurkha to ever be accepted into the UK Special Boat Service) into the mainstream spotlight.

What happened to the climber Nims saved on Annapurna?

Kin had been stranded on the mountain for an incredible 43 hours without oxygen, food or water. He was in dire condition but amazingly still alive. The team executed a successful rescue operation (see video) and got Kin down the mountain and transported out by helicopter.

Did Dr Chin survive Annapurna?

Chin was in critical condition. Two nights exposed to temperatures that dipped to -32 Fahrenheit had left his feet and hands frostbitten and he had severe respiratory problems. On April 27, Global Rescue arranged an air-ambulance to fly him to Singapore. He died five days later in the National University Hospital.