How old is Elena in season 1?

Nina Dobrev was 20 when she was cast as 17-year-old high school student Elena Gilbert. Elena is changed into a vampire during the show’s third season as an 18-year-old, so that means she wouldn’t age past being a teen, though Dobrev continued playing her through six seasons.

Why does Elena look different in season 8?

They could’ve found a better one for the finale. The wig was awful. They should have bought a better one. It was parted differently and was higher up on her forehead which are two reasons why she looked different.

How old is Nina Dobrev in season 1?

From Nina Dobrev coming into the series at 20 years old and playing a 17-year-old to Ian Somerhalder at the age of 30 but playing a 25-year-old, the series actors and the characters they portrayed were far off in age, especially in vampire years.

When did Elena have a baby?

Somtime during season six of The Vampire Diaries, Elena give birth to her and Jacob’s first and only child, Bonnie Rebekah Fogerty. They named their daughter in honor of their two friends, Bonnie Bennett and Rebekah Mikaelson.

Will Elena Have Kids?

In Season 1, Episode 10, Josie reveals that Damon and Elena now have children. “Damon Salvatore has been as generous as he can be,” Josie says. “But he and Elena have kids of their own that they need to take care of.” The name of their daughter is also made known: Stefanie Salvatore, in honor of Stefan.

How many kids do Elena have?

And yes, the show later confirmed that Damon and Elena have multiple children – Jenna, Sarah Lillian and a son, Grayson.