Who played the dry cleaner in In the Heights?

Who played the dry cleaner in In the Heights?

Patrick Page. What is this? Broadway favorite Patrick Page plays Pike Phillips, a new character written for the film – his dry cleaners (which charge $9 per laundered cloth napkin) represents the wave of gentrification sweeping through Washington Heights.

What is Patrick Page’s lowest note?

The role features Page singing as low as a G1, which is one of the lowest notes playable on a piano.

When did Patrick Page leave Hadestown?

Hadestown is getting a new ruler. Patrick Page, who has played the role of Hades in the Tony Award-winning musical since 2016, will depart the show on December 30. Tom Hewitt, who previously played Hades in 2021, will rejoin the company in his place.

Is Patrick Page coming back to Hadestown?

Patrick Page will play his final performance as Hades in the Tony-winning Hadestown December 30 at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Tom Hewitt, who reopened the production post-pandemic in September 2021 while Page finished a film commitment, will take over the role beginning January 3, 2023.

Who is the piragua guy in In the Heights?

Lin-Manuel Miranda as “Piragua Guy” and Christopher Jackson as “Mister Softee.” One of the most obvious Easter eggs is when Lin-Manuel Miranda appears in the film as Piraguero, the “Piragua Guy.” Miranda sings the song “Piragua,” while trying to sell the Puerto Rican shaved ice dessert by the same name.

Did the actors really sing in In the Heights?

You have each individual character and that actor’s vocals, which, most of the time, is two or three people singing simultaneously or with each other. Then you have all the background vocals: the ensemble, which was made up of another 40 individual recordings that had to be worked around the primary actors.