Why do they wear the same clothes in Rock the Block?

Why do they wear the same clothes in Rock the Block?

The reason behind the outfit consistency is to help the editors out. If we changed each day, it would have been so hard for them to edit the show and keep track of who was wearing what on which day in which room. This kept things more consistent for them and made it simple for us when getting ready each day.

Why do reality show contestants wear the same clothes?

The idea is that if the production needs to a re-shoot of something like a piece to camera, a talking head, anything of that sort then having the contestant remain in the same clothes saves time and money. And that’s part of the reason. Continuity.

Is Rock the Block staged?

Ultimately, The Block is a reality show, not a renovation project. As a result, the spy explains that the contestants’ primary task is to produce an entertaining program, with the building and renovation work a distant second. “They are there for TV content, not their building/renovating skills,” confirms the source.

How much did the Rock the Block season 2 houses sell for?

Brian and Mika were named the winners of Season 2 Rock the Block with a final appraisal of $625,000. After just six days on the market, the house sold for the full asking price of $635,000.