Who is Rod Thill?

TikTok creator Rod Thill has found freedom by being open with his struggles with mental health using his platform. Thill is a Chicago native who’s been navigating corporate America and trying to make sense of how to address the anxieties around office culture and email etiquette.

Who is Rod from JustMe Rod?

According to a 2021 feature in the Chicago Tribune, the TikTok star who was first introduced to fans as JustMe. Rod is actually named Rod Thill. The creator didn’t start his account with the intention to become famous on social media.

How old is Rod from TikTok?

The 30-year-old was first attracted to the app because of its similarity to Vine. He didn’t know how to use it at first, but when he did, it was the beginning of an era for him.

Where does rod from TikTok live?

This Chicago TikTok star built his following on videos about millennial work-from-home culture.